The Snarlin' Yarns

Punk, country bluegrass folkie improv poetry high-lonesome band

Ever watch a kitten perform brain surgery upon a yarnball on a commercial for honeyed tabasco? Then you know a little somethin about how the yarn doth snarl. The Snarlin Yarns unravel quite a pedigree right under yer dancin shoes: JBF primed his whistle and honed his banjo on the Arkansas delta; Mara's a classically trained eastcoast violinist tu(r)ned to the brighter side of the fiddlehead moon; William's a foundin member of Killowatt, Utah's crotchrocket rollin thunder rock&roll band (your cool drunk uncle back in the day might've gotten a hickey at one of their shows); and Abraham's a livin breathin Alabatexsconsin velvet hammer full of who knows what's next. The Yarns, y'all, do not so solemnly swear to origami your ears into mischievous little somethins. Step on out and sway awhile with Utah's only punkcountrybluegrassfolkieimprovpoetryhighlonesome band.