Melissa Peterson

Head of maintenance.

Melissa Peterson started her pathway to owning a bar when she was 14 years old with her first drink of cinnamon Vodka with her friends at the local cemetery.

She learned how to make bathtub jungle juice, fuzzy navels, and rum and cokes from the ages of 15-25.

She refined her tastes in her thirties to include wine and cheese while traveling the south crest of the Wasatch front and doing massage for those that had a few dollars. She had few lovers and even fewer friends while she learned the power of Tequila, lime, and salt.  She refined her palate with the understanding of dirty Martinis and the application of OLIVES..all of the Olives.

She has had a clear and pertinent path to bar ownership and she is thrilled to greet every guest with a smile and an inappropriate joke.