5 Star Review

Somehow The Yes Hell manages to be both uniquely Ogden and also not what you'd expect in Ogden. Sam and Melissa certainly had a vision when they put this place together and it's the type of place you can easily spend all night in due to Sam's exquisitely crafted cocktails, the amazing art, and the bad-ass taqueria in the back (seriously, don't sleep on those tacos y'all!). We were greeted our first night with Smoked Sazeracs and it was all downhill from there (in the best way). But this is not just some swanky cocktail bar...there is 0% pretentiousness at The Yes Hell. Grab a two dollar bottle of Coors Original if a cocktail's not your thing and check out the amazing bands that roll through without a cover charge. If you're in Ogden and don't stop by The Yes Hell.... well, you just be makin' poor decisions, I suppose.

Christopher R.
Feb 28, 2020 on Yelp

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